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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Perez-Santalla: Gold To Fall $200/Ounce !!!

Mike Norman and Perez-Santalla give another perspective on gold claiming that it will fall by $200 an ounce
Santella says : "
So in the short term, I could see gold in December coming down to around $700, and at that level the jewelry market will pick up again, so it will buoy it and hold it up between 700 and 800. In the longer term, it should come off, or if there’s inflation, maybe it will hold up around there. Those are harder things to see of course, so I’m just guessing.
as to the three industrial precious metals, which are silver, platinum and palladium. Silver consumption has been brisk and remains brisk, and part of that, I believe, is the jewelry sector, which is that people have turned to silver to buy jewelry. So there’s a lot of jewelry sales in silver, so silver remains brisk at these levels … even right now it’s trading above $13. It can remain there for a while, though I think silver will also trade down because it follows gold a lot of times, as there is also a percentage of people that buy for investment purposes.

Platinum and palladium are being held up by investment money at the moment, but their primary demand is industrial. Once people realize they’re not going to get any earnings if the metals stay stagnant in the price level, they will abandon it, and so I think platinum and palladium can still come off a bit." he added

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