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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Silver breaks the psychological level of $15 price

Today move has certainly caught many of you off guard. As I am typing, silver price stands at $15.65. Considered by many as the key resistance and psychological level, $15 price hasn't been seen since last August or so. Just before the current recession really got going. There are two contradictory forces currently driving the price of silver. The first one is the safe heaven buying by those who think silver coins and bars will become real money, and please, you can call them what you want - I affectionately call them silver bugs, but don't discount their numbers and purchasing power. As our government prints dollars which sooner or later will inevitably flood the system, silver is becoming a stable value alternative which will hold its value compared to the lower value of each dollar. To put it simply, it will cost much more dollars to buy an ounce of silver. Consider it a cheaper and more liquid safe haven alternative to gold.

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