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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Gold Market Rally may be ending soon experts say

Gold prices rising tendencies may be at an end some Wall Street experts say due to the fact that banks are more reluctant to issue any more loans and the fact that unemployment is rising at a high scale ..Gold price has rallied 8.7 percent this year on fear of hyper inflation and the search of an alternative reserve to the dollar bill as a reserve currency ..experts like Jim Rogers and Marv Faber say they will continue to buy gold and commodities whether the economy grows or declines because in both cases gold silver precious metals raw materials natural resources and commodities in general are the best place to be Marc Faber said last month that US economy will become like that of Zimbabwe ...World gold mine production in 2009 is expected to increase by 20 tons to 30 tons from 2,416 metric tons last year, thanks to growth in the mines in Asia, Australia and west Africa,

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