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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

How to buy physical GOLD?

In these troubled economic times, Gold bullion will continue to be a great investment .Zaman Monirez, president of the Bullion Mart, on the ins and outs of investing in physical gold. You are rightfully worried about inflation eating up your hard-earned savings, the stock market malaise, and the deflation in the housing bubble crushing your home value. Buying physical gold is an excellent hedge against inflation, and against almost any type of crisis. You won’t find a single fiat currency throughout human history that has stood the test of time – all of them went to their intrinsic value zero. Gold on the other hand is the ultimate form of money, because it cannot be destroyed. An unprecedented shortage of physical metal currently exists in the popular gold and silver bullion markets. Premiums, the amount paid and charged by bullion dealers over the current spot or cash price, are at the highest levels since at least 1980, and possibly the highest ever seen for popular gold and silver bullion coins and bars.

That’s the bad news. People want gold and silver badly. They are willing to pay much more than the spot price, but they can’t find bullion to buy. They can’t find it because there isn’t enough physical metal available at these drastic, artificially induced, fear and fund-liquidation-caused spot prices.

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