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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Silver to become extinct by 2020 it will outperform Gold

Extremely Bullish on Silver :

Silver is well below its equilibrium price now it is about $16 but it will eventually move up , Silver is ready to move better and stronger than Gold , Silver will outperform gold quite dramatically before even Gold will reach the $1000 , there is very little left of Silver in the planet , The US geological society said just a couple of years ago that Silver will be the first in the periodical table that will become extinct by 2020, that news got almost buried on page 20 of the Wall Street Journal . Silver is more rare than gold , it will certainly reach the price of gold before year 2020 when it will become distinct , The silver gold ratio will go from the actual 14 to bellow 1 ...silver cannot be recycled from land fields it will become extinct the same way what happened to Rhodium which went from $300 to $10 000 an ounce
It has been widely published in scientific circles that silver will be the first element from the periodic table to become extinct. Adrian Douglas builds a strong case for why silver must eventually sell for many multiples of its current price.
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