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Sunday, September 20, 2009

High Gold Prices Dampen India Festive Season

Surging gold prices are set to dampen the festive season for the worlds biggest consumer market, India.

For centuries gold has held a timeless allure for Indian women, who like to showcase their best jewels on social occasions like weddings and festivals.
With mounting turmoil in the global financial system, Indians are sticking to their traditional love for gold as a safe haven investment. The commodity posted its biggest weekly gain in a decade last week, climbing by an impressive $1012 an ounce.
The passion of Indian consumers for the yellow metal has put India in the league of top importers of the gold for quite some time. But the soaring gold prices have restricted Indian people from buying the precious metal. Infact the recent trend shows that the ongoing financial meltdown has pushed Indian consumers more towards selling their gold holdings.

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