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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Silver Falcon Mining, Inc. (SFMI) Announces April 19, 2010 Mill Production Start-Up

Silver Falcon Mining, Inc. (OTCBB: SFMI) announces an April 19, 2010 start date of its 100% owned Diamond Creek Mill facility, located in Murphy, ID. Over the last 6-Months, the Company purchased/re-zoned property, acquired necessary permits, developed site improvements, drilled well/installed water system and built the mill building. Subsequently, both the internal and external mill circuit components, 100% owned and paid-in-full, have been in place for the forthcoming production of precious metals.

From this point-in-time, the Company will proceed with 4 weeks of verification of the equipment and mill commissioning. This will include final verifications, confirming that all the equipment components are mechanically sound, and that all electrical circuits function properly. This will be followed by powering-up the facility to check on the full functionality of the mill circuit.
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