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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Rise Of The New Gold Rush

Giordano Bruno
Neithercorp Press
December 22, 2010
They called us “kooks” and “crackpots”. They said our ideas were outdated and incompatible with modern finance. They said it wouldn’t last. Oh yes, Gold, they said, was a silly investment with no inherent value, and soon, precious metals investors would be “wiped out” by the “inevitable implosion of the gold bubble” (gold bubble….?). Mainstream establishment economists and Keynesians have been yipping and snarling like overanxious Chihuahuas for the past two years against gold and silver, most specifically their use as a hedge against collapse in stocks and currencies.
The vitriol they have aimed at PM’s and PM enthusiasts, though, borders on the obsessive. If we are all “crazy survivalists” and Y2K’ers, then why bother with us? Wouldn’t the folly of our financial strategy be blindingly evident to the majority of investors if we really are all madmen waiting for the seas to boil? If there is no chance of monetary implosion, why bother to plead and beg with the average American NOT to buy gold? Why invent wild generalizations and stereotypes of precious metals investors to dissuade the public from examining our model for economic security? Wouldn’t the mere passage of time prove us inaccurate? What is it about gold that frightens them so…..?
As it turns out (and just as we expected), gold and silver have held strong and even made record gains. Gold is one of the top performing investments of the decade, rising over 277% in value from 1999 to 2009:
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