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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Silver Shortage : Silver is facing extinction in our lifetime

Silver is running out, below ground as well

The figures used are not including any new large deposits as it's believed that with the technology we have now we have already discovered all the large easy deposits. Also have not changed the demand although it's evident that demand is increasing every year, price is the only thing that stands in it's way.

Some people believe that we are looking at a repeat of the 1980's with a blow off price in Silver but looking at the properties and supply and demand principles I see more.

I think we will have a top resistance point then a big sell off but after that it will pick up again and quickly. You see we will be flooded with scrap from individuals once the price is high, enough scrap to last for years and this will cause a big pull back but it won't take long for smart investors to realize that the next run could be even bigger as the fact is Silver is facing extinction in our lifetime.

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