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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Silver Shortage Coming Soon - Stephen Leeb

Money manager predicts the price of silver to skyrocket on industrial growth.
Stephen Leeb : " Silver is an extremely interesting metal , in addition of being a precious metal it may even have a longer history than gold as a precious metal , and one obviously for its price it is more easy to accumulate for the typical investor is also a remarkable industrial metal , its properties are totally unique : it's the best electrical conductor in the world better than copper , it's the best thermal conductor in the world and because of these unique properties it finds itself in a lot of things you won't suspect thing you look at is how much you are using relatively to how much much silver there is in the ground right now that ratio is ten to one that means that every year we have been mining one tenth of the reserve base of silver that's scary that is frightening , that means that we have too increase this resource dramatically or lese we are just going to run out of silver , and so you asked me for the price of silver ? if I told you a hundred dollars based on all what I am saying right now I do not think in any way you can call me crazy , i mean silver could be an absolute huge huge winner....there is very little of it and we need it for everything...

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