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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

There is no Gold at Fort Knox - Craig Hulet

Craig Hulet on Coast to Coast AM Sept 06 2010 : there is no Gold at Fort Knox

Craig B Hulet was both speech writer and Special Assistant for Special Projects to Congressman Jack Metcalf (Retired). He has been a consultant to federal law enforcement ATF&E of Justice/Homeland Security for over 20 years. Hulet served in Vietnam 1969-70, 101st Airborne, C Troop 2/17th Air Cav and graduated 3rd in his class at Aberdeen Proving Grounds Ordnance School MOS 45J20 Weapons. He remains a paid analyst and consultant in various areas of geopolitical, business and security issues.
Foreign policy analyst Craig B. Hulet discussed new rulings by the US government that infringe on people's privacy under the guise of the "War on Terror." In a recent incident, law enforcement placed a GPS tracking device on a person's vehicle, without a warrant. The court ruled that this was legal because the person's home wasn't gated off from the public, he reported. In another case, a woman was arrested and convicted for videotaping police making an arrest of her neighbor, he detailed. We're seeing that "more and more courts are ruling in favor of violations of our fundamental rights," especially our right to privacy, said Hulet.

Body scans at airports, and other locations are actually being kept on file, when initially people were told this wouldn't be done, he noted, adding that such scans are even being done through vans on the streets. "Once a government has been given a certain amount of power, it always seeks more," he cautioned. Unmanned drones are now being employed for surveillance on the US southern border, and Hulet suggested that it's just a matter of time before such drones are flying over major American cities. In the post 9-11 world, Americans have increasingly traded their liberty for security, he lamented.
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