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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Jeffrey Nichols Gold at $1500 by end of year 2010

Gold price of $1500?...$2000? Is that possible, and if so, how? According to Nichols it is possible because of Asia starting to buy more and more gold.
Jeffrey Nichols (Sr. Economic Advisor to Rosland Capital) : In the short run i think we could see a bit of correction , but by the end of the year i think there is a good chance we see $1500 an ounce , and in the years ahead $2000 , $3000 and may be higher....the potential is really great, the gold market is very small market compared to world equity, currency and bond markets and even a small shift in portfolio preference away from those bigger markets into gold has a tremendous impact on the gold price ....., The world of gold investing is getting bigger and bigger , the Chinese the Indians , south east Asia are all hungry for the yellow metal and buying from that part of the world is gonna increase that's a big plus...etc....

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