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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Cash For Gold, a modern day gold seizure?

Since the inception of the Federal Reserve, the value of the dollar has plummeted and the national debt has skyrocketed. Most alarming of all though, is the fact that the corporation that is the Federal Reserve abolished the gold standard in 1933 effectively rendering the dollar worthless paper when it comes to real value. And, since the gold seizure, the American public hasn't stood a chance at being able to repay that debt if it were to be called in. Even if this cash for gold push has nothing to do with that, it is still a scam and everyone should know a few things before they decide to trade their valuable jewelry for worthless cash. As the dollar continues to fall and the value of gold continues to skyrocket, one can't help but wonder if cash for gold is just a modern day gold seizure.

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