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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Dutch Gold Resources producing gold

You are watching Dutch Gold Resources' 100% owned 330 tons per day capacity mill producing gold from start to finish.

Dutch Gold Resources(ticker:DGRI) has quickly become number 1 on "top 15 active stock market forums" on message boards.
Investors have begun to take notice of undervalued gold stocks such as Dutch Gold Resources in light of the leverage to gold this company can provides for investors.
The company has recently updated their NI 43-101, a third party evaluation, on the 100% owned Basin Gulch property significantly raising resources. Third party evaluation has confirmed above average gold mineralization with data from the property.
"GEMCOM results... yielded a combined proven and probable gold and gold-equivalent silver resources... 2,803,970 ounces gold"
Also from the third party evaluation-
"because all drill holes and all the assays were not used for these calculations, and both estimates are open in all directions, these volume estimates SHOULD BE VIEWED AS THE LOW END OF THE TOTAL GOLD present on the site."
The property has still yet to be fully explored to depth which could reveal even more gold. Basin Gulch, however, is not the only property Dutch Gold Resources has at their disposal for gold production. The company also has the 100% owned Jungo Property in northern Nevada, which is set for a completed NI 43-101 sometime early next year. A description from the company website-
"The Jungo property contains extensive exposures of brecciaed and silicified Paleozoic sedimentary rocks in contact with Tertiary volcanic rocks to the north and east. Surface samples from the property were anomalous in gold and silver, with several samples assaying better than 0.1 opt gold, and one sample greater than 0.6 opt. "
The companies' 100% owned 330 tons per day capacity mill, using the lower figure of .1 opt, could produce 33 ounces of gold per day at 330 tpd x .01 opt. If the mill is operated at 340 days per year, the company can bring in revenue of at least $14,586,000 per year and this estimate could be low as many wall street gurus such as Jim Rickards are calling for gold to steadily climb upwards possibly as high as $10,000 oz.
Dutch Gold Resources offers an amazing leverage to this gold rush by providing shareholders with a high number of ounces of gold in the ground per share. The company currently has only 198M shares outstanding with a very low float of 90M shares.
It's 100% owned properties give investors .014 ounces of gold in the ground per share, this equals $182 of gold per share at $1300 gold.
The current share price as of last Friday, November 12th is just less then 3 cents at .028. At this current price, the market values Dutch Gold Resources at only $4 million dollars. This is incredibly low given their proven and probable assets of 2,803,970 ounces gold and growing with new drill results coming in the first quarter of 2011.
2.8M oz. of gold at $1300 per oz.= $3,640,000,000
After expenses and taxes, this still gives the company a possible billion dollar profit from their gold holdings, and that could be low given the bullish future of gold! If the market valued this company at just 10% of their gold holdings, you could see share price reach as high as $1.50 in the coming months.
There have been companies recently, with 2-3 times as many outstanding shares, make 1000-2000% gains after being in a position similar to Dutch Gold Resources.
As well as the high leverage to gold this company offers, it also holds 4,950,000 shares of Aultra Gold, Inc.(ticker:AGDI), formerly Shamika Resources, which as of the last trading day closed out at a price of .38 cents, which gives Dutch Gold Resource holdings a value of $1,881,000. This stock was trading at just .25 cents two weeks ago and climbing fast. These holdings could hold major potential for Dutch Gold Resources as Aultra Gold was as high as $30 per share during the stock mania days of 2007.
Shamika Resources, now Aultra Gold, is a mineral exploration and development company focused on precious metals such as Gold and rare earth metals Tantalum, Niobium, Tungsten, Lithium in the Democratic Republic of Congo. These metals have been in incredible demand recently. The DRC is the probably the most mineral rich country on the continent next to South Africa. The company has secured mining licenses on five major properties totaling 697.5 km2 in the heart of the Kibaran Belt.
Dutch Gold Resources, with an operational mill, several billion dollars in gold, and close to 5M shares of a rising junior Gold and rare earth metal exploration/development company, stands to be a spectacular play currently valued at only $4M with a share price of .028.

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