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Monday, November 15, 2010

Gold vs Silver Investment

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Hi, Im Dr Marc Dussault, Im here with the Managing Director of the Australian Bullion Company Mr Peter August and were sitting here with gold, and this is 105 ounces of gold bars and this is another ounce of a coin. And I just wanted to show you what it actually looks like; and its actually as heavy as it sounds.

Now just so you can see, this is a regular blackberry mobile phone and we have a series of YouTube videos that explains why you should invest in gold. But what I wanted to do in contrast, and Im just gonna move the phone over here just so you can see the difference in size. Again this is just a regular, this would be about the size of a 20 cents piece wouldnt it?


Okay, so a 20 cent Australian piece, and its actually you know very attractive because once again its a coin, whereas these are bars which have a little bit more of a rough texture. But the contrast I want to show you is with silver. Now this is 1 kilo which is about, its about all of this isnt it?

One kilo is that.

Is that. So this, is that.

Its a dramatic difference isnt it?

Yeah, its a huge difference. Now this is silver and I, you have to sense how heavy this is and when you look at it its got that rough texture we talked about in the other YouTube video about bullion, and its stamped, and its actually when you touch it its got a really nice feel to it. I want to show you another one, this one is how much, 5 kilos.

Thats correct.

Now Im not gonna drop it from too high up okay, but

Just do that to my table, yeah.

Yeah, you can, and I do that so you can actually get a sense of how heavy it is. So this is 5 kilos; now in todays pricing, were actually in November in 2009, how much is a kilo of silver?

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