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Friday, November 5, 2010

Pratik Sharma, Buy the Dip in Gold

NEW YORK (TheStreet) -- Pratik Sharma, managing director at Atyant Capital, details how Friday's nonfarm payrolls report is factoring into gold's behavior and how investors...

Pratik Sharma, : the short term there wouldn't surprise and it -- and more backing -- allocation of the you know albeit data but it will be bigger in the midst of the eight year old Mark Spector was on war. Or -- not even more. And the fact remains that -- in -- environment most people would agree that picked -- across the border overvalued whether it's hot -- Bonds commodities even gold it. By itself is they're definitely not cheap -- undervalued. That -- you have Central Bank around the world. Determined to inflate asset prices. So yeah you definitely have gold. -- is that -- experience tail wind stripped right and that you know over the longer term remains very bullish for the price of gold. Wanted to keep minor -- you have you know competitive devaluations -- currency going on people are determined it's made -- of art. You know they've all roads lead old....

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