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Friday, December 31, 2010

Buy Gold on Upcoming Weakness - Lou Grasso

NEW YORK (TheStreet) -- Lou Grasso of Millenium Futures sees gold pulling back in January creating a buying opportunity.

Lou Grasso :..."...We are because I think that gold -- the reason we've had Iran has everything to do with the economies of the world with the the recession that we we bad economic policies in interest rates whole thing and I don't see really an end to that I don't see that any of the major economies of the world are getting their fiscal house in order so I think gold and silver can go just -- So what are your protective level or -- that your. Well I've been calling for gold to hit somewhere between fifteen to -- team and some 15100 obviously is right around the corner but I think usually January -- a slight -- So I think in that pullback could we get eight or 10% pullback good time to -- I think we will -- fifteen to. The 6050. By mid year. -- should -- hopefully not 18100 but it. Hopefully we do get -- fiscal house in order and start to do......

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