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Friday, December 17, 2010

COMEX Massive silver shortage and fall of fiat currencies, Web bots predicted ditto + " rich riots"

Lindsey Williams on the Alex Jones 15 dec 2010

Webbots score again !..They had predicted there would be a shortage of physical silver that was being held for storage as "allocated bullion", meaning these "rich investors" would have been paying storage fees for bullion which wasn't even turn, these rich folks would start "rich riots" .

However the webbots said the "rich riots" probably wouldn't make headline news so you may want to subscribe to my channel.... 'cause I do pay attention to this sorta info.
And BTW, the Webbots predicted this would set off the price of silver as these billionaires would take their cash settlement and immediately buy physical silver with it....which in turn will force drastic price increases on a daily basis... $5, $20...
driving the Elites Crazy!!

hold on folks '' cause I've got some much more to say about what silver will be doing in the near future and it's all Bright!! can you now see why the Webbots are gonna be correct about their prediction of silver initially hitting $600 oz it's all lining up perfectly isn't it?
I actually went and listened to the interview . I can see a collapse of the Euro and flight to the dollar, but I'm not sure why the dollar crashes next - fire sale of US paper assets by China? Anyhows, for this much money printing, PMs are the way to go.I dont know but we lost about 45 cents to the Euro since 2008 and you think the Euro will crash before the U.S. . If I look at the U.S. money index there are signs that the U.S. dollar will crash very soon and when you look at the Euro money index it does not look like it will crash .

This was a very good vid but from what I can see China will be the first to crash the federal reserve keeps buying Chinese bonds when the U.S. dollar crashes

the Chinese currency will sky rocket .my opinion is that first will be the dollar then the euro. But the advice is still sound....doesn't matter the order really.

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