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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Gold Can Find Strength Past 1430

NEW YORK (TheStreet) -- Jon Nadler, senior analyst at, explains why gold prices need to break through their previous highs around 1430 to sustain a stronger and...

Jon Nadler,:..."....Well -- it's more of the same we've seen this pattern early -- last several sessions. Outsized move slowed due to -- participation -- players this week. And of course due to our year end book squaring so really these are not. You know. And take home type of a price -- we have to see equal participation in the first week of next year. Particularly in the army -- these moves to -- for instance -- a situation where gold is done and so as the dollar. And so as crude oil basically -- risk on risk -- trade continues to dominate these markets. Today's impact on -- there was a principal one would have been the jobless claims falling below the portrait counsel mark that -- to really boost the dollar too much. And -- hold separate from some profit taking primarily among hedge funds. ...."

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