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Monday, December 13, 2010

HARVEY ORGAN : Is Silver Really Worth $424/oz?

Harvey Organ explains why the criminal banks are in a bind they cannot little silver, so little time! buy buy buy buy buy buy buy it's still dirt cheap "Precious metals are financial assets and like currencies and T-Bills and T-Bonds they trade in a multiples of a hundred times the underlaying physical."
Thats plural - multiples of a hundred times .If silver paper is 100 times physical, wouldn't it be worth closer to $3K an/oz if they could not pay off the shorts with cash ?

Dollars will soon be worthless. Hyperinflation is just around the corner unless the fed turns off the printing presses, which they won't. Once hyperinflation hits, we'll all be billionaires; of course it'll cost $100,000,000 to buy a loaf of bread.i wonder if they will use Christmas holidays to do something dramatic, similar to FED act pushed through on Christmas Eve. holidays seem to be their favoured times to bring out news. Just to clarify for American viewers...Scotiabank (aka Bank of Nova Scotia) isn't one bank in Toronto "where all of Canada's silver is stored"...Scotiabank is a bank chain across Canada with hundred of branches, hundreds of vaults. It's a bank bank. One of Canada's "big five". ScotiaMocatta is their PM division - selling fractional, 1, 5, 10, 100 oz bars of silver gold & palladium online and thru every branch. All my orders get delivered fast. Lenny obviously wasn't in the Mocatta storage vault and the vault was confirmed to be the Mocatta vault, then there is a scandal indeed. The scandal IS that Scotiabank "is empty" - search YouTube for the associated videos. I always thought it was a crock - as one guy going to visit ONE vault to see his metals...noticing that there were no Mocatta products...just 1000oz bricks...doesn't tell me they are out of SBank PM products. Yes, there are 21 SBank branches in core Toronto, and every branch has a vault, as they do in my city too

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