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Friday, December 3, 2010

Jon Nadler, Gold Prices Must Wait for 2011

NEW YORK (TheStreet) -- Jon Nadler, senior analyst for, says gold is in for a volatile holiday season.
Jon Nadler,...: I think there waiting for the holidays frankly. Overnight sessions. Really looked very lackluster narrow ranges it's basically a dollar slash Euro situational. You know paradigm right now we're looking at. You know the ECB having left rates at 1%. Mr. trichet saying that yes the bond buying programs will continue through Q1. Next year. And of course that doesn't have any. -- stronger Euro and under the and the dollar still receiving a chairman of safe haven bids from this perceived potential contagion over in Europe so that's kind of dynamic. Thing you know it's it's keeping gold at least supported the change -- thirteen hundred's but it has thus far been unable. To penetrate it and over 14100 -- and try to recapture you know -- most recent pinnacle and so we have that is not -- still the threat of and cost more sizable corrections....

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