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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Should You Buy $1,400 Gold ?

NEW YORK (TheStreet) -- Will Rhind, head of U.S. operations for ETF Securities, says why gold's breakout is not a fake out and reveals if an investor should buy at these high...

Will Rhind,.....What is this time we know -- seen the correction in gold and a few weeks ago. The markets stabilize from that we sought to build a little bit of -- And this on the 14100 fake there's a bit more. Political concern now that. That more economic concerns specifically in Europe and therefore go prices -- supportive of this level. How much of it is -- on debt fears and how much administrative technical trading headed into the year. What think that right now from my perspective program from our primarily driven by Euro zone debt crisis -- the moment. I'm a little bit of heightening tension in the Korean Peninsula as a political risks coming and that's -- the end of the year. But also we've seen some pretty good job numbers out today in the US. The economy looks to be getting a little better and therefore gold is moving up as a result of this of risk asset trade all of stronger dollar however we do continue to -- pressure on your vehicle prices....

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