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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Fort Knox is EMPTY - Gata on FOX

Gata's Bill Murphy, surprisingly on FOX desribing the scams that the central banks have been perpetrating to rig gold markets and make the USD seem more valuable than it really is.

The FED refuses to be audited, if they were....the game would probably be up.

Large Central Banks and investment banks have held VERY large SHORT positions in gold keeping the prices down and manipulating them whenever it gets to high.

the gold in Fort knots is not solid real gold. This is why they do not want a audit. They want to keep the American people in the dark. Big Bank, Wall Street, AIG, Country Wide and other want to keep Americans in the dark as they steal Americans wealth. I guess Americans are OK with that because of the lack of concern. Sorry folks, we have been had, peed on, scammed and lied to.

WallStreet bailouts were rigged and a fraud, market manipulations,

high freqency trading, flash orders, naked short selling by:

Goldman, JPM, Cit, MorgStanley, Aig, stay away from the frauds.

The Fed, Comex, ETF's, Govt data: frauds. Your labor devalued to Zero.

Pull your money out, walk away from your mortgage and CC card debt,

We can beat them at their own game, buy pure silver bullion,

buy local mom and pop. Starve The Beast!

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