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Monday, February 21, 2011

Gold breaks the barrier of $ 1400 Amid fears of protests in the Middle East

Amid fears of protests and access to oil installations in Libya
Gold tends to penetrate the barrier of $ 1400 because of unrest in the region
Gold prices continued to rise , and reached its highest level in seven weeks on Monday with the continuation of protests in the Middle East, which has increased the demand for the metal as a safe haven, while silver and platinum rose to historical high levels in light of expectations of growth in industrial demand.

Continued gold gains after surging nearly three percent in the last week, is expected to continue to rise with new reports from North Africa and the Middle East, the United States market closed on Monday because of the holiday.

higher gold prices are also due to real concerns about the supply of oil in Libya or subjected its oil facilities to disrupt or stop because of the protests, oil prices could move to record highs because of the deteriorating situation in Libya, which worried also the metals markets. "
Analysts point out that the entry of world's central banks has become the largest buyers of gold to boost their reserves of precious metals, The data of the World Gold Council released on the seventeenth of February has revealed that the growth of gold demand in the Middle East increased by 39% during the fourth quarter of last year.

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