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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Gold: Dead Cat Bounce or Up Trend?

NEW YORK (TheStreet) -- Scott Redler, chief strategic officer for, reveals whether gold is headed for another selloff or a rally, and how he's trading.

Gold rallied and then -- So do we peek speculation on gold war and get an -- joining me and other key strategic opposite keep you live dot com -- gold rally on Friday the beginning of a trend higher here or Friday capped out.
At this point it was a little bit more than that cut that's because he had what's going on Egypt and in the mideast OK and gold that was having had an identity crisis. Came back to be the fear trade. Now what we're gonna do is I'm gonna look at the low from last Thursday which about the -- no -- and Monday's low of thirteen 22. -- a bit higher. I think the world doesn't really know what to make of Egypt yet is -- can go to Saudi Arabia Yemen there's a lot of Romans that this type of -- could. Continuing and I do think that this will be the start of another leg higher but if all of a sudden things quiet down and -- are taking out those -- support -- points -- reference. Then gold continues to be on its move lower reverses a new uptrend.

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