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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Oil, silver and cotton at record prices

The clashes between forces loyal to Gaddafi and rebel factions are turned with particular violence in different parts of Libya, including the Ras Lanuf, a major oil terminal and home to the largest refinery in the country. Oil prices have then started running again and concluded in the case of WTI at the highest since September 2008 (104.42 U.S. dollars per barrel). The Brent is returned instead at $ 116 / bbl. Even gold, has regained ground, going over $ 1.43 per ounce. The silver had risen by more than 3%, went to the highest for 31 years, more than $ 35 / oz. Mostly weak or slightly wavy, however, the LME non-ferrous metals. Few also increases in agricultural markets. These include cotton, the historical record more than 215 USC / lb Ice and robusta coffee, the highest for over two years to Liffe (in contrast with the Arabic instead has lost 0.6%). In Progress in Chicago wheat and rice, and corn has an allowance of 1, 2%. Down more than 2% finally for the cocoa and sugar, both London and New York.

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