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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Tips on Investing in Gold

Investing in Gold
Tips on How to invest in gold and silver wisely :

Investors who see gold and silver as the main protection against inflation, can use several ways of investing money into precious metals, each of which has its own advantages and disadvantages:

• Direct purchase of gold and silver in the form of ingots, coins, etc.;
• purchase of shares of gold mining companies;
• Investing in mutual funds specializing in investments in shares of companies that produce silver or gold.

During periods of hyperinflation, direct investment in bullion and coins are likely to be more profitable than acquiring shares in mining companies. In extreme circumstances, which include hyperinflation, shares of mining companies may be taxed by special state taxes such as additional income taxes that were applied to oil companies in the 70's. And, of course, the government may again prohibit the acquisition of the ownership of gold and silver, which would put investors in a quandary. How often and correctly note, rare coins, attracting the attention of investors during periods of market recovery of gold and silver provide a good yield, comparable with the yield muyu long-term investment. However, rare coins should not be considered in the same context as the full-weight coins, such as American Eagles, Canadian Maple Leafs and Krugerrands, prices are tied to the value contained in them the precious metal. Collecting rare coins, in fact, not much different from collecting stamps, ceramics, art objects or beer cans. Accurate assessment, competence and reputation of the seller, the study and comparison of different proposals - key conditions for success in this market.

With inflation hovering between the middle and high income, the best option of investment is likely to represent the shares of mining companies and funds that specialize in securities of these companies. Buying these stocks do not related to the high commission and the cost of maintenance and storage inherent in investing in precious metals. During such periods, the shares can be very high dividends.

Typically, shares of mining companies YUAP sold through ADRs or mutual funds, and for them is characterized by a lower ratio of D / P and higher dividends than in shares of gold mining companies in the U.S. and Canada. However, despite the attractiveness of companies YUAP, many investors never buy them because of personal dislike of apartheid, or high political risk.

Investors should not forget about the possibility of civil unrest, strikes and other problems in South Africa. As already mentioned, in this country account for a large portion of the total world production of gold. Gold mining industry, which employs 450 thousand workers (mostly blacks), has a large share of the economy and exports of the country. Any sudden interruption in the supply of gold from South Africa could lead to a sharp increase its world market prices and lower stock prices of South African gold mining companies, at least for a while.

Investors seeking to diversify their equity portfolio of South African gold mining companies, can use the services of private investment company ASA Ltd., Whose shares are traded on the NYSE. Statement by the African National Congress of the termination of their guerrilla war in South Africa, made in August of 1990, considerably strengthened the confidence of investors in this country. ASA pays annual cash dividend over the past 30 years.

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