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Monday, April 4, 2011

Gold and Silver to Soar says Hans Goetti

Gold and silver will soar as long as central banks continue to expand their liquidity programs QE1 and QE2 .Hans Goetti, believes that it is likely that we are going to get QE3 when QE2 will expire by the middle of the year , we all know that QE2 was essentially the reason why the stock market rose from august until now in basically one straight line he says we also know that commodity prices went up sharply gasoline prices went up sharply and so on and if QE2 ends who is going to buy all these treasury bonds who is going support the stock market , what probably could happen we could see a stock market pull back and possibly a pressure to do something , we could see a renewed weakness in the economy by the end of the year he explains ....Hans Goetti is bullish on gold and continues to be bullish on gold as long as the banks continue to expand their liquidity at the rate they are doing , currency debasement is topic number one when it comes to precious metals inflationary pressures are the result gold will go much higher and silver probably even more

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