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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Gold Bull Run has a long way to go

Weak supply in the Gold market added to strong demand , you will always get volatile prices , plus two serious global events in the middle east and in Japan which have added to the uncertainty of the market and helped in boosting the Gold prices . Gold prices could hit $1500 this year and $2000 in one to two years, Owen Hegarty, Vice Chairman of G-Resources Group says "Most people are upbeat about commodities, demand is very strong all the way across all commodities across the world generally speaking and supply is very weak,"Gold is the perfect metal all the demand factors are strong at the moment it is the right phase of the moon so to speak for Gold it's a commodity is a currency it's a safe haven it's a store of value it is a hedge against inflation it is all of that yet on the supply side you are not seeing central banks selling in that market you're not seeing a big uplift in the output of gold on a worldwide basis Owen Hegarty explains

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