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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Gold still underowned compared to 1968

Gold hits a new all-time record high silver is at a 31-year high

Gold hits a new all-time record high silver is at a 31-year high silver is at a 31-year high, up an astonishing 116% over the past year. investors are flocking into gold and silver for a variety of reasons whether it's geopolitical instability war in Libya because of political issues or financial issues, whether it's expanding monetary masses all over the world and the debasement of the Fiat currencies with hypereasy monetary policy,governments running the printing press, inflation creeping into the system, whether you believe the Mayan calendar, 2012 next year, the sum of all those fears is being incorporated into the price of gold and silver. as investors run from currency to currency and find no refuge, they continue to come back to gold and silver, making new records silver is at a 31-year high, gold at all time record high. Gold should be around around $2,300 if we adjust it to inflation .silver has been a monetary metal redeemable for money throughout American history until the last 40 or 50 years. we were on a gold standard and a silver standard. so silver is the same inflation hedges as gold . there is also the industrial component to silver, it's undervalued relative to gold for the past year or so. it's finally catching up. but, it still has plenty of room to go. they're talking 40, 50 dollars an ounce soon. if we went back in constant dollars the price of gold would have to hit $2400 bucks to equal where it was in 1980. so, are we going to go over $2,000 in gold , as a percentage of global financial assets, gold peaked out at about 6% in 1968. it's under 1% right now. so it is underowned despite the furious way that people have been accumulating it over the last few years says Jon Najarian. we'd see a much higher price out of silver because of short squeezes , there's no doubt at all that it was the Ben Bernanke speech that triggered the last run-up in gold , . there can't be any question that was the one event on the horizon. he said there's no inflation problem. commodity prices have nearly doubled in some cases over the last year, and see no evil, speak no evil at the FED says we've got no problem. people are so poor they're willing to work cheap, housing prices are falling. so you have certain aspects of deflation which keep the aggregate CPI down. but that's not relevant. the rest of the world knows there's inflation. if Bernanke can't see it, run the hedges.

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