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Thursday, May 5, 2011

The Gold Standard Returns ?

After other countries abandoned the gold standard in the early days of the Great Depression, the Hoover administration stayed on in, even though doing so may U.S. goods less competitive. Franklin Roosevelt effectively abandoned the gold standard in 1933. He returned to a modified version of it the following year but with the price of gold raised to $35 per ounce. After WW2, the Roosevelt $35 price became enshrined in the Bretton Woods international monetary system until President Nixon ended that system in 1971.

Lewis Lehrman Former Reagan Monetary Policy Advisor explains why no matter how many billions of dollars Congress cuts from the federal budget, we won't fix our deficit until we return to the gold standard.inflation is a direct continuation of what's fundamental under a fiat currency model establishment where monies are printed with no backing.
Paper money is not just a mere userfriendly substitute for gold, like it is portrait to be and teached in schools; this is a dirty lie. Paper money is a means for power institutions (states, banks,..) to steal your valuables or fruit of your labor by imposing a fantasy trade item of wich the value they manipulate as they wish. They can do this because violence is inherent in this system and all of humanity is oppressed by these institutions. Yes the world has changed; now we all are slaves

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