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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Mexican Billionaire Carlos Slim Selling Silver

Mexican Billionaire Carlos Slim Selling Silver

here is something we are watching right now. we have breaking news on one billionaire making a move in the precious metals market. this has been an effort to hedge production for his silver mines. a spokesperson would not tell the percentage of production they have hedged out nor the price they have been able to secure on what they have been selling. this is an effort to hedge productions from the silver mining as a new company that went public. it is a mining company of gold and silver. we have been hearing from traders that they believe that Carlos has been active in the futures market. securing a certain price at very his prices that we have seen over the last couple of weeks. i will tell you i spoke with him directly back in January. he was very concerned about inflation. commodities prices were driven higher because of the weak dollar and the big surprise money that had injured in the world. would coincide with the belief that what he expressed at the time, a lot of commodities are moving higher due to an issue of the weak dollar.

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