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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Robert Kiyosaki : $200 Silver not out of line

Robert Kiyosaki is not buying Gold and Silver right now but he is still bullish on them : No , but that does not mean I am not bullish on Gold and Silver , the problem with Gold and Silver I say it again I can't borrow money to buy three million dollar worth of gold I have to use my money I won't use debt , other people's money , number two there is no cash flow from that I don't have income from it so and If I have to sell it I have to pay 28 percent in tax , I'd rather put my money on oil project where I got 28 percent tax break right away , that makes more sense to me , at the same time I am still now investing in copper and natural gas because they are all time lows ...when something starts to move like gold and silver I am on to the next venture should I say , and I made my money in gold and silver , I made enough ....when asked if it is safer to buy silver now Robert Kiyosaki says : you should have bought it when it was three bucks that's when I bought so...look I want to say this : I do not like gold and silver simply because of the tax issue in it , if you buy an ETF like SLV or GLD you pay 28 percent tax that's because the government does not like gold and silver because they rather have you play with their dollars their fraudulent US Dollars the counterfeit money , so gold and silver is good and when I say to most people who don't now anything , gold and silver are better than saving money cash , another thing is this , when I look at the world I look at ten year increment here's 2010 going into 2020 those ten year period , in those coming ten years 85 million baby boomers start to retire that's approximately a hundred trillion dollars in social security and medicare the question I have for you : can Obama or the US Congress and the senate can they solve a hundred trillion dollars deficit , I say no they can't so that's why I'll continue to buy gold and silver if I have an extra cash that's what I do ..I love my country I just do not trust my leaders I don't think they are going to solve this problem democrats republicans independent Buddhists christian Hindu Jewish I do not care they can't solve this problem ...China is in a massive problem right now it is not what the politicians are gonna do , it is what you gonna do about it right now , so if you don't know much Gold and Silver are pretty safe bets but not from the tax side from the capital gain side simply because the United States is in a very serious financial trouble and I do not think republicans or democrats are gonna fix the problem...I think we are going down , I think the dollar is going to dive and that's why I am in oil production I am in rental real estate because people have to have a roof over their head and silver has already made its move but it still has more to go I think I do not think 200 dollars silver is out of line but I have already bought it at 4 dollars ,5 dollars 7 dollars I bought as high as 17 dollars then I stopped if you read my blogs I said buy Silver under twenty and sure enough in the last year it has got up a 145 percent went right past twenty...

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