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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Silver rises more than 8 percent this week

The Silver trade. It's driven by investment demand CNBC 5/10/2011

The Fast Money traders weigh in on whether you should buy silver now and which trades you should put down today.Silver looks like it has bottomed and it has started rising back up again after it fell last week on fund exits CME margin hikes in fact silver prices rises 8% this week .
B.K. " I'm still long silver, both options and the SLV. I do think you can probably get in, at least on a third position can you use 33 on the SLV as your stop. that way you have a defined risk, or can you just go with some upside calls maybe the 40 calls on the SLV, something like that, but I still believe in the silver trade. one, it's driven by investment demand which certainly came off with the margin increases, but there's a new mutual fund that's coming out that's going to be holding physical silver and inflation is not done both China and Brazil are raising wages, and that will lead to more inflation. "

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