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Thursday, June 16, 2011

David Morgan & Max Keiser on Gold legal tender in Utah

David Morgan and Max Keiser discuss the new law implemented in the state of UTAH making Gold and Silver legal tender : this is the first state to out of a voluntary basis to start doing transactions in Gold and Silver David Morgan says , so from now on the merchants in the state of Utah will start accepting gold and silver coins on a voluntary basis , it is voluntary on both sides but for now only silver eagles and gold eagles are accepted ( not the Canadian maple leafs for example ) , there is a depository that was set up where people can put their gold and silver into and are being issued a debt card which makes the whole transaction process pretty transparent , now you can walk to any store and buy whatever you want to buy with your debit card , this could really catch on once it is implemented , Utah had the ability to stand up for the states rights as outlined in the bill of rights

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