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Friday, June 10, 2011

Edwin Vieira, Gold lifeboat before the dollar sinks

James Turk Director of the GoldMoney Foundation interviews Edwin Vieira about his book "Pieces of Eight , Gold , the constitutional solution for today's monetary problems , The alternative currency movement in the states , The Gold as an Insurance against a currency collapse , How Gold money can be implemented at the state level , Gold as a lifeboat before the dollar sinks ,

People like Peter Schiff suggest having 2/3rds of our precious metal investment in gold, and the other third in silver. The Permanent Portfolio by Harry Browne originally suggested 100% in gold, but his successor who runs the fund, invests it 1/5th silver and 4/5ths gold. So those are two barometers I follow in trying to balance gold and silver investing. I would also say, for the common man, better to have silver if he can't afford an ounce of gold, than nothing.Silver has been the common man's money for 5,000 years. The Biblical word for money is "silver".

When gold stands above $10,000 an ounce, Warren Buffet could afford gold but it will be outside the reach of the common man. Without silver citizens would be forced to hold fiat currency.

This is perhaps the primary reason the central banks sough to end the bi-metal standard in 1873. Good for the rich and the central banks,but economic slavery for every else.

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