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Monday, June 6, 2011

The FED Admits: We Have No Gold Reserves !

Fed's attorney Scott Alvarez boldly admits that the Federal Reserve has no Gold whatsoever backing the US Dollar : "The Federal Reserve does not own any gold at all" he literally said , "we have not owned gold since 1934 so we have not engaged in any gold swaps " ... If Ron Paul doesn't get elected, America will go to Hell,literally The corporation, posing as a government, THE UNITED STATES, INC, has committed treason against the People of this nation. They have no true authority over the People of this country.Their power only resides in Washington, D.C. They are more evil than most of mankind can even fathom. Yet, they control our military and our police.This nation is literally screwed if they do not wake our military and law enforcement up to who it is they are here to defend!

If everyone pulled there money out of banks, investments and stocks..they would collapse these crooks. Then i wanna see what they do, they won't have anyone to rip anyone off anymore. I blame the ppl for this because they enable these crooks to do what they do.

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