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Saturday, June 11, 2011

The Gold Dinar behind the war on Libya ?

Gaddafi was planning to introduce the Gold Dinar just before the war ,Gaddafi also wanted Gold in return for his Oil , some say this was the real cause behind the NATO war against Libya .. the banksters feel to be threatened by the return to a honest currency, gold and silver backed, they actually want a world currency completely online! But I don't think India, Russia, China, and other countries want it.Even Europe begins to understand the necessity of a gold standard... even with the inconveniences...people who don't hold gold are finished anyways but it seems that gold is the only way to stop the transfer of wealth from the poor to the rich...the only way to protect the value from inflation , the only reason the US haven't collapsed yet is because the dollar is still the global reserve currency, (no matter how much money they print it doesn't devalue the dollar because the whole world excepts it as currency) if the dollar falls so will life as America knows it, the government is doing their job, trying to keep the country from complete financial collapse.

this fake economy/monopoly needs to end and the gold standard is the only way to stop the theft through inflationary quantitative easing....the sooner these American people open their eyes the better it will be for all.....if the people dont take back their government very soon we will be in world war three...a nuclear holocaust...not a very nice ending for the human race

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