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Sunday, June 5, 2011

James Turk : Gold is a sterile asset

James Turk :...the Euro is not the Deutschmark the ECB is not the DeutschBank once you recognize that and understand that you'll understand the reasons why you need to own gold and silver to help protect your wealth and assets against the tough times that we got coming . James Turk Compares Gold's annual rate of exchange against 9 major currencies : The US Dollar the Canadian Dollar the Australian Dollar the Chinese Yuan The Euro , The Indian Rupee The Japanese Yen The Swiss Frank and the British Pound ....Gold is without a doubt one of this decade's best performing asset classes ...very few years in this table when gold actually lost value against any of these currencies , we had double digits rates of appreciations against all of the world's currencies ...this is a very simple way of preserving your purchasing power just hold GOLD...this rates of appreciations are going to continue...Gold is not volatile , the volatility comes from the is not investment Gold is Money , Gold is not an investment it is a sterile asset cause it has no cash flow attached to it that's why it is money , now there are two things you can do with money either spend it or save it , presently because gold is so depressed you should save it until 2013 - 2015 when James Turk prognosticates a gold price of $8000 an ounce then you can start spending your gold and buy undervalued assets and we will be riding the next boom bust cycle ...Gold does not increase your wealth it preserves your wealth , Gold does what money is supposed to do it is supposed to preserve purchasing power over time , The US is heading towards an Argentine type of hyperinflation

One could argue that with the paper manipulation in the gold and silver markets, holding physical gold and silver will BOTH preserve wealth AND create wealth.

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