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Friday, June 17, 2011

Jim Sinclair Gold is headed for significant Rally this summer

Jim Sinclair says that Gold is headed for significant Rally over the summer months , the loss of confidence in the market and the mismanagement will causer the gold to rally significantly this summer he explains , the standard of living in America will be deeply affected the middle class destroyed Jim Sinclair explains ,  both in the US and in Europe you can expect new crisis to be met with more printing of money Jim added , he also expects the market could go down 4000 points in a flash and the price of gold will not only go to $1650 $3000 , $5000 but has the possibility into going into 5 figures based on just what we have here and now ....the US financial situation is worse than Greece , the Government can loath the 401Ks and your pensions plans to pay off its debt and purchase bonds when the QE2 ends ...The primary currency precious metal is gold the primary speculative precious metal is silver Jim Sinclair added , this is the time to buy gold and silver

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