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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Peter Schiff : Good time to buy Physical Silver

Peter Schiff : ...Silver has pulled back from a high of almost 50 dollars an ounce to about 32 , 33 right now we are about 34 , yeah I think there is a lot of support at 30 I am not sure that we are going to get as low as 30 , I think if we did got at 30 it will be an even better buying opportunity but we might not even go that low , I think we had a nice pull back from almost 50 to where we are today so if you had been thinking about adding to your silver position my opinion will be it's a good time to do it , is there a risk , yes , can I be wrong , sure , could silver go a lot low in the short run , hey anything is possible , I do not think it is probable but it is possible , but so do not do it on leverage do not buy options but physical silver that you are buying to hold in case the dollar collapses yeah , I think this recent pull back is a buying opportunity " Peter Schiff was answering a question from a listener to his radio program the Schiff Radio...

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