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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Bob Chapman explains the Dodd-Frank law and its effects on Gold & Silver Bullion over the counter

Bob Chapman goes once again to explain the Dodd-Frank law and its implications on the average Gold & silver coins bullion or shares buyers , the story was first put out by Zerohedge and obviously either intentionally or not was taken way out of contest , many were led to believe that "trading over the counter gold and silver will become illegal starting July 15" this is one of the most distorted stories says Bob Chapman , what is banned under the Dodd-Frank is the ability of the American corporations to trade in Forex in Foreign exchange in Gold and Silver you can no longer do so it is a very very small segment of the market it attracts big time speculators people who want real high leverage and a few average people by in large it is a pro market secondly it has absolutely nothing to do with gold and silver coins bullion or shares, there is nothing in that law that has or says anything pertaining to gold and silver coins bullion or shares PERIOD......

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