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Friday, July 8, 2011

Bob Chapman : Gold & Silver to go up 150% by the end of the year

Bob Chapman : ...there is a chance that gold can move up dramatically during the summer which is unusual but by the end of the year or six months from now we should have have much higher prices , if you go back and look at the charts long term charts , I do not use short term charts because the markets are manipulated , now in history of gold and silver when you have a testing of a support area six times or five times or four times , but six times is unusual it gives a tremendously strong support area , and with the Rico file suite that been filed for the manipulation of the silver market against JP Morgan Chase and HSBC that just fuels the situation and the fact that there were big short covering the week before last end tomorrow we will find out what they covered up until two days ago this past Tuesday as a gap in the release of the information , now if you go back and look at those charts you will see that the average move after this kind of a foundational testing the move of the following six months is somewhere between a 100 and a 150 percent so Gold at $1500 and it goes up a 100% it is $3000 and silver at $35 it is $70 and at 150% you figured out ....

Bob Chapman
: ...commercials mean banks and these are the characters that have been rigging the arket for years , they were very heavily short and what happened is they covered a good part of their shorts that means that either they stay out of the market or they go long , I do not think they are going to go long so they are to go short may be sometime in the future ...this means there is no overhang on the Gold and Silver, in the next while within 6 months probably much sooner gold and silver are going to go up a 100 to a 150 percent , that's for historical perspective and make notice of it says Bob Chapman of the International forecaster , I have been doing this for 52 years , I know everything that happens in the Gold and Silver market I was the largest gold and silver stock broker in the world and so I know what's gonna happen ....and there is going to be enormous amount of money made and so if you are thinking about buying gold and silver coins bullion or shares do it because you will never buy them any cheaper

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