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Monday, July 25, 2011

David Morgan : SLV ETF is a paper investment not a Silver investment

Chris Martenson interviews Silver Guru David Morgan 20th July 2011
David Morgan : it is definitely not a free market in the true sense of the word says David Morgan but it is not as manipulated as some people think , the overall trend in Gold and Silver cannot be manipulated , I can almost guarantee that there are multiple owners for every bar that SLV ETF report , it does not mean that that bar does not exist , there are leases and swaps multiple claims on the same silver bar says Morgan , SLV is paper investment that's not silver , you should not consider it as your primary silver investment . The SLV has claim to roughly 300 million ounces of Silver the amount of silver that is held by the dealers on the COMEX is less than 30 million , so in round numbers the SLV is ten times bigger than the COMEX , and the COMEX is what gets all the attention .

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