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Monday, July 18, 2011

Gold at $1600/oz Silver at $40/oz and climbing

Update on Gold soaring this morning to all-time highs Gold at $1600/oz Silver at $40/oz and climbing

Sharon Epperson :"....the spread continues to blow out. the spread is what a lot of traders with watching now. that's a reason why we are looking at it. here on the floor, all the action has been in the gold market. you have been talking about $1600 gold. also the fact that we have seen hedge funds adding position. there is a surge in the long positions. a big reason why we are looking at the higher price as well. not only in dollar terms. it's important to realize Bernanke said he didn't believe gold is money. when you look at gold in euros, the pound, the yen, we are at new highs here. people around the world are using gold as alternate currency and silver as well. the highest we have seen since the beginning of may. over $40. the percentage gain higher than what we are seeing in gold. this is the currency folks are focused on. "

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