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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Gold hits record High with US debt talks deadlocked

John Kilduff, Founding Partner of Again Capital, talks about his investment strategy in the commodities sector.
You need to have gold exposure , you can buy high because you are going to sell higher upside target by the end of the year is $1700 , the Chinese are under invested in Gold and over exposed to US bonds ....

"We believe with the opening of the new Hong Kong gold an silver
exchange, there will be no physical gold or silver available to the
public by the end of 2011.

Amazingly still less than 1%- about .8 of a percent of Americans own
ANY gold or silver.

All it will take is miniscule 1% of the Chinese public to purchase 1
oz of silver or gold to crash the COMEX . Watch your paper fed debt
notes return to there intrinsic value..


and wish you has bought some while you could

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