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Monday, July 18, 2011

James Turk we are heading towards a summer of all records for Gold and silver prices

James Turk of on the Kerry Lutz - July 18, 2011 : " we are at $1600for gold and silver is back in the $40 , I made a contrary call because normally gold and silver are pretty quite during the summer months , because it is a seasonal pattern that tends to repeat , but it does not always work that way " says James Turk " I keep going back to 1982 when gold prices rose 50 percent in three months during the Mexican debt default and my point has been is this summer is going to be a repeat of 1982 it is not Mexico that is going to default this time it is going to be somebody else whether it is Greece United Kingdom Belgium Italy Spain United States Japan or anyone of a dozen other countries who knows , but it looks like it is gonna be a good couple of months for the metals as people worry about the default and move into the security of gold and silver ".....

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