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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Bill Murphy : The Gold cartels have lost control over the market

Bill Murphy GATA Chairman interviewed on Gold Seek Radio Nugget - 10 Aug 2011 , Bill Murphy
that's what GATA have been saying for years the gold cartels losing control of the market they just cannot handel the physical demand , Gold is going to explode in years ... If you live on planet GATA , we have predicted all this and it is happening , we were talking about it when Gold was 300 and 400 we expected it , basically the gold cartel is run out of available central banks that do what the tell them to do , it is the opposite now , now these central banks like South Korea Thailand Greece even Russia China are all buying and the gold cartels just do not have enough gold to keep the price down , that's what happening ....because gold is so expensive people are going to go to silver and the only reason silver is acting 'comme ci comme ca ' like now is just because of JP Morgan and what they are doing they try to keep it down they are desperate , silver is going to go berserk and there is not much time for investors left to get on board

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