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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Gold on Fire today !

" Gold on fire and hitting a new record as they passed the debt limit bill. the traders are saying, yeah, now the deal is done and it has been priced in. what happened about the u.s. downgrade? Fitch came out and they pieced the market with their commentary and we still haven't heard from s&p and moreover as bob mentioned and now the focus is back on the global macro issues that have been in this market place and have caused this gold to rally. the sovereign debt crisis remains and the fact that we have such weak economic data or the ism manufacturing data yesterday and then there's the bank of south Korea. of course, a number of the Asian banks over the last year and a half have been buying gold, India, china and now the bank of south Korea have about 25 metric tons of gold, the first time that they purchased gold in 13 years and this is highlighting the bullish stance that central banks have for gold and the need to diversify away from the dollar and that's what we're seeing in Korea over the last two months"

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