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Friday, August 26, 2011

Sell Apple Shares & buy Gold and Silver - Bob Chapman

Bob Chapman : Steve Jobs is dying it is as simple as that that's why he is stepping down , they have tried to phase it out they did not want to do it when he was having these treatments , that's what is happening , Apple is a wonderful company with a wonderful product but I think but I think with him really out of action it is really going to hurt the company it will probably take may be 50 to a 100 dollars a share of its value I would be a seller , and I would switch the money to gold and silver coins bullion and shares certainly they are cheaper than where they were two days ago , I will be getting out of the stock market as well sooner or later it is going down , it is a giant bubble and a scam so the only place to be is gold and silver coins bullion and related assets

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